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STAR TREK Lunar Rover Explores Timanfaya

Wednesday November 22, 2017

STAR TREK Lunar Rover Explores Timanfaya

The interplanetary explorers of tomorrow are currently in training with an array of high tech tools on Lanzarote - taking their Moon Rover walkies amidst the lunar landscapes of the island´s volcanic region and turning Timanfaya into something like the set of a sci-fi movie in the process.

Their mission is part of the European Space Agency´s Panagea project and Lanzarote has been selected as their terrestrial training camp thanks to the island´s unique volcanic geology; "Tests in a real environment with so many geological analogies to the moon and Mars will allow us to learn much more than in any possible artificial simulation," stated Francesco Sauro, Scientific Director.

The ESA team, comprising engineers, astronauts and scientists, have been working side by side on the island in order to prepare themselves for future human and robotic operations away from Earth. Testing a wide range of potential kit in the process, such as lasers which create 3D views of lava caves and wrist worn smart phones that display instant, on the spot DNA analysis and results. As well as their trusty lunar rover Asguard - which succesfully navigated the rough volcanic terrain automatically by building a 3D picture, aided by a drone gathering high res. images from above.  

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