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FAST FORWARD How Will Lanzarote Look In 2040?

Wednesday December 13, 2017

FAST FORWARD How Will Lanzarote Look In 2040?

Enlarged tourist resorts. Hotels in quiet rural villages such as Arrieta, Haria and Tiagua. Golf courses on rural land. These are all possible future outcomes for Lanzarote over the next 20 years, according to the new Insular Plan de Ordenacion (PIO) - the official roadmap for island development - which has just been placed on the table for public discussion.

The new PIO contains proposals for the expansion of the three main tourist resorts on the island at a growth rate of around 5% per annum, as well as the amplification of “ancillary tourist activities” on what is currently rustic land next to the marina at Puerto Calero.

Most alarming of all for opponents of mass tourism on Lanzarote the plan envisages no limits at all on the construction of urban or rural hotels outside the main tourist areas – opening the door for construction of 50 bed hotels in locations such as Guime, Yaiza and Tahiche and 20 bed hotels in smaller villages such as Guatiza, Arrieta, Haria and Punta Mujeres. As the authorities seek to dynamise other inland and coastal areas. Whilst some 16 million square metres of rustic land could also be utilised for recreational facilities, such as golf courses.

The new PIO also proposes an upper limit on total tourist beds of 95,000 places – compared to just 62,000 currently, an increase in capacity of around 55%.

This would in turn dictate placing a cap on tourist arrivals of around 5 million visitors per year – up from 3 million in 2017. Necessitating a slow-down in current growth rates – as arrivals have doubled on Lanzarote over the last 20 years.













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