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DO NOT DISTURB Who’s Cleaning Your Hotel Room This Xmas?

Thursday December 21, 2017

DO NOT DISTURB Who’s Cleaning Your Hotel Room This Xmas?

Trade Unions representing hotel cleaners and chambermaids plan strike action across the Canary Islands from Christmas Day onwards, in protest at low pay and poor conditions.

The strike action is being driven primarily by Trade Unions on Tenerife. But according to local hoteliers association ASOLAN there is a large degree of uncertainty surrounding support for industrial action amongst other separate unions here on Lanzarote.

So whilst the two main Unions here are not planning to walk out there could still be disruption to guests, with hotel management "on alert, because when there is a strike call you never know how it will go", according to an ASOLAN spokesperson.

Exploitation of workers within the hotel and hospitality sector is rife in the Canaries – with wages having fallen within this sector by 50% since 2012 according to a recent BBC investigation, which found that some cleaners make as little as €1.25 before taxes and deductions. And that’s despite the fact that the islands have enjoyed a massive boom in tourist arrivals over the same period whilst hotels are operating at close to full capacity.




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