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BAD PROSPECT Morocco Approves Oil Drilling

Wednesday January 3, 2018

BAD PROSPECT Morocco Approves Oil Drilling

The Moroccan government has given the go ahead for oil prospecting off their coastline – in a move which potentially opens the door for drilling and platforms just 80 miles away from Lanzarote’s beaches.

Permits have been awarded to a company called ENI, an Italian multi-national that has also recently won federal approval in the US to drill in the arctic waters off Alaska, to the consternation of many conservationists.

Only last year, Spanish oil giants Repsol abandonded plans to drill for oil even closer to Lanzarote after initial surveys proved inconclusive, a victory that was welcomed here by most locals.

Now however a new threat to the island’s beaches and eco systems is on the horizon – against the backdrop of possible criminal proceedings against ENI in Italy after their involvement in oil spills in the Niger valley, a project that has been conducted in partnership with Shell.

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