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MONEY BAGS New Ryanair Rules Take Hold Today

Monday January 15, 2018

MONEY BAGS New Ryanair Rules Take Hold Today

Ryanair, the largest carrier of tourists on flights to Lanzarote from across the UK and Europe introduce new cabin baggage rules from today…

Ryanair’s new baggage policy takes effect as of today – forcing all customers who fail to pay a €5 priority boarding fee to place their 10kg carry on cases in the hold.

Non-priority customers that don’t pay this fee are still entitled to take one small piece of hand luggage which can sit underneath the seat in front, such as a handbag or laptop, into the cabin for free. But they cannot use overhead lockers to store larger bags any longer – as these will be placed into the hold at the boarding gate, albeit free of charge.

The only exceptions to this new ruling are customers with infants, who are allowed to bring a 5kg bag into the cabin for free, along with customers’ duty-free purchases. Ryanair has stated that the new baggage policy is designed to reduce delays. As passengers have increasingly attempted to take oversized hand luggage into cabins, creating problems both at the gate and on board as items are weighed and argued over. An issue that continued to grow as air passenger numbers increased year on year.









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