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LESS IS MORE Lanzarote Targets Quality Over Quantity

Wednesday January 24, 2018

LESS IS MORE Lanzarote Targets Quality Over Quantity

Lanzarote’s tourism chiefs expect British arrivals to fall in 2018 as competition from other destinations such as Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt hots up this year….

After a record breaking 2017 when the island welcomed over three million tourists for the first time island authorities now expect that rate of growth to slow and demand to dissipate. As resurgent competitor holiday destinations in the Middle East start to undercut prices, offering rock bottom package deals.

Over the last few years great effort has been expended promoting Lanzarote as more than just a cheap sunshine destination – by highlighting culture, gastronomy and sport – a strategy that is designed to attract more affluent tourists and encourage them to spend more of their money here on the island.

According to the Minister for Tourism “In Lanzarote we do not need more tourists, but better, in tune with our uniqueness as a destination and to leave more spending on the island, so our promotional strategy is based on excellence, that is, quality versus quantity.”

However that plan has to date proved only partially successful, as whilst overall tourist spend has risen since 2010 to the benefit of tour operators and hotel groups, actual expenditure here on the island remains stuck stubbornly at sub 2010 levels. In part thanks to the proliferation of all-inclusive package deals after the financial crisis of 2008, which have helped to stifle in resort spending.

Tourism chiefs expect British arrivals to fall, especially this summer, thanks to cheaper options in Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt. But are banking on a stabilisation of the German market, the island’s second largest source of tourists.

However recent reports emanating from Germany suggest that this hope could be misplaced, as package deal bookings for Lanzarote apparently fell by 21% last month. As price conscious German tourists also switch away from the Canaries to the Red Sea resorts and the Turkish Riveria.  Leaving much smaller markets such as Eire, France, Holland and the Scandanvian countries as the prime drivers of growth.


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