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SUN DOWN Brit Tabloids Tout Tourist Tax

Thursday January 25, 2018

SUN DOWN Brit Tabloids Tout Tourist Tax

The British tabloid press are claiming that the Canaries are on the verge of introducing a tax on tourists…..

Reports have appeared in ever reliable UK red tops such as The Star and The Sun this morning claiming that the Canary Islands want to introduce a tourist tax, in line with the current levy already in place in the Balearics.

Their reporting though isn’t entirely accurate, as both media outlets have chosen to amplify comments made by a spokesperson for the non-ruling PSOE socialist party, Dolores Corujo. Who has suggested that the Canary Islands government should consider introducing a tourist tax in order to finance projects such as environmental protection and water sanitation.

At this stage her proposal is yet to be discussed at government, let alone passed into law and has receieved scant attention from local media. However this hasn’t stopped The Sun and The Star jumping on her comments in order to create low level hysteria, as has also been the case with other recent reports claiming that an earthquake and tsunami is imminent in the archipelago.  


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