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CABIN FEVER Pilot Sickness Forces Touchdown In Lisbon

Monday February 19, 2018

CABIN FEVER Pilot Sickness Forces Touchdown In Lisbon

A Jet2 flight from Lanzarote to Birmingham was forced to make an unscheduled stop in Lisbon over the weekend after the co-pilot was taken ill midway through the flight.

Jet2 flight LS1202 departed from Arrecife airport at 15.30 and was originally scheduled to arrive in Birmingham some four hours later. However the journey home for the 194 passengers on board lasted much longer thanks to a code red alert as the flight’s co-pilot fell ill on route, forcing an unscheduled stop in Lisbon.

The plane was met by emergency teams and paramedics on the runway, as part of a major operation which involved the mobilisation of no less than 34 emergency vehicles and 81 personnel – an automatic response to a code red alert. Jet2 dispatched another plane from Manchester airport which arrived in Lisbon at 20.00 local time to transport the passengers home to Birmingham.

In a seperate incident an EasyJet flight from Belfast to Lanzarote on Saturday was diverted to Oporto in Portugal after a passenger, presumed drunk, was deemed by the captain to be enadangering on board safety.  He was met by Portugese polic on arrival and removed from the flight which then continued on to Lanzarote.

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