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DOUBLE TRAVEL Weather Causes Travel Chaos

Monday February 26, 2018

DOUBLE TRAVEL Weather Causes Travel Chaos

A storm in the Canary Islands, combined with a major freeze in the UK has created travel chaos for tourists in both Lanzarote and Britain.

Flights into and out of Lanzarote’s international airport were cancelled and diverted yesterday thanks to stormy conditions and gusts of wind measuring up to 70 km per hour. Leaving thousands of passengers stranded at the airport, which was kept open all night especially.

As is often the case in these scenarios passengers complained that they were given little to no information or assistance and were left to pay for their own accommodation should they choose to leave the terminal. As a result social media was awash with complaints as tourists went online to highlight their predicament.

Twenty seven flights, mostly from the UK, were diverted to either Gran Canaria or Fuerteventura during the course of the day, whilst others were forced to stop over even further afield at airports such as Faro in Portugal.

And travel problems have been further compounded this morning by the big freeze in the UK which could further hamper both departures and arrivals from and to Lanzarote.

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