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AIR FARCE Lanzarote Tourists Revolt At 48 Hour Delays

Tuesday February 27, 2018

AIR FARCE Lanzarote Tourists Revolt At 48 Hour Delays

Tourists delayed for up to 48 hours at airports in the Canaries by the storm last Sunday have reacted angrily to the lack of information and assistance they have received throughout their ordeal.

Thousands of tourists, including infants and the elderly, have been forced to sleep on cold concrete floors or uncomfortable seating in the airport terminal on both Lanzarote and Fuerteventura after flights were cancelled and redirected as a result of stormy conditions on Sunday.

Many holidaymakers have voiced their disgust at their treatment as both the airlines and the local tourist authorities have reacted with almost total indifference to their plight.  And these stories have been widely disseminated in both the regional and national media in both the UK and Eire.

On Fuerteventura, passengers on a Thomas Cook flight from Manchester that was originally destined for Lanzarote rowed with cabin crew about the delays and lack of assistance and information after lengthy delays, resulting in police intervention.

Whilst here on Lanzarote there are more Thomas Cook passengers still waiting for a return flight after a 48 hour delay. Along with passengers of other airlines, such as Ryanair, who also received little to no assistance or information whatsoever and were left to their own devices.

Tourists have related shocking tales of being unable to access medication and nappies from hold luggage that had already been checked in and being denied permission to access their luggage in order to leave the airport to seek out accommodation.

This shameful disregard for the well-being of holidaymakers and the total absence of any co-odinated emergency response can only damage the island’s image in key markets such as the UK and Eire.

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