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TOURIST CRISIS Crash Landing For The Canaries?

Wednesday April 4, 2018

TOURIST CRISIS Crash Landing For The Canaries?

Alarmist reports in the British national press suggest that the Canaries could be heading for a ‘tourism crisis’, as holidaymakers flock to alternative destinations instead.

According to the ever-reliable Daily Express, after a record breaking 2017 hoteliers in the Canary Islands fear an impending tourism crisis, with forward summer package bookings from the UK down across the archipelago by as much as 25%. As Brits fly off to other sun spots such as Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia instead.

As a result, a number of large hotel chains are now calling on the Canary Islands government to take action, mooting measures such as an end to tourist tax speculation and a greater investment in local infrastructures in order to turn this shortfall in bookings around.

Notably though the hoteliers make no mention of cutting hotel room rates in order to improve price competitiveness, a factor which is key to this defection. As reviving resorts across the Middle East have started to lure British tourists back with cut price holiday deals up to 35% cheaper that are clearly proving compelling for cost conscious consumers.

Here on Lanzarote arrivals fell by 10% in January and local authorities are expecting a downturn in numbers in 2018 as ‘borrowed tourists’ return to the Red Sea resorts and other destinations in the Middle East.

In addition, there is little willingness here to compete on price, with the Minister of Tourist Promotion stating, “A visitor who will not spend anything else outside the hotel and will not consume either our food and wine products, or leisure, or complementary offers is a tourist that does not interest us. The island does not need more tourists, but more quality and greater purchasing power, to appreciate and enjoy a destination like ours, which is able to offer different experiences that provide added value ".

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