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HOLIDAY PAY €7 Visitor Visas On The Horizon

Thursday April 26, 2018

HOLIDAY PAY €7 Visitor Visas On The Horizon

British tourists visiting Lanzarote and other destinations across the EU will be required to make a formal online visa application costing €7, possibly from as soon as March 2019.

European Union ambassadors yesterday unveiled their latest move to protect the EU’s external borders with the proposed creation of a travel authorisation scheme, which will be applicable to all non EU nationals wishing to visit any country within the eurozone.

The scheme, which is similar to the United State’s visa program, is designed to provide Euro authorities with forward information about anyone planning to visit the EU. With online applications checked against criminal record databases.

The European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS), will apply to all visa-exempt third country nationals, which the UK is set to become as of March next year.

Each application carries a fee of €7 with authorisation set to last for three years, with applicants furnished with a travel permit ‘quickly and easily’ online. However there is still some speculation as to whether UK residents will have to make an application for every visit.

The new measure remains a proposal at this stage and is still subject to a vote in the European parliament, with some observers suggesting that ETIAS is unlikely to come into force until 2020.

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