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HOT EIRE Ireland Warmer Than Lanzarote This Weekend?

Friday May 4, 2018

HOT EIRE Ireland Warmer Than Lanzarote This Weekend?

The Irish media are in a hot flush over the weather this coming bank holiday weekend, predicting higher temperatures in the Emerald Isle than here on Lanzarote.

Lanzarote is one of the most popular sunshine destinations for Irish tourists. But this weekend they will be better off staying put at home in Eire, according to leading Irish media outlets. Who are claiming that it will be hotter, at 21 Celsius, than here in Lanzarote.

Ireland’s met office, Met Eireann, has forecast long spells of warm and sunny weather with temperatures in the low 20’s across the coming weekend. Which may just possibly match the lower temperature range here on Lanzarote across the course of Saturday and Sunday, but is highly unlikely to exceed it. And by Tuesday at the latest rain is expected to sweep in to Eire from the Atlantic, as normal meteorlogical service is resumed.

There is no denying though that Lanzarote has enjoyed relatively sub-par late winter and spring weather, with tempetaures well below their seasonal norms, thanks to denser cloud cover and cooler winds.

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