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SAND STORM Artificial Beach Projects Flout EU Laws?

Wednesday May 9, 2018

SAND STORM Artificial Beach Projects Flout EU Laws?

Projects to create two new hotels and artificial beaches in Costa Teguise risk falling foul of European Union laws governing the exploitation of resources such as sand shipped in from the Sahara.

Against the backdrop of record tourist arrivals in 2017 plans are in the pipeline on Lanzarote to create two new hotels in the resort of Costa Teguise, along with a brace of artificial beaches for guest use, using sand shipped in from the Sahara.

However, according to local media reports these projects potentially flout European Union laws which prohibit the plundering of natural resources from the Western Sahara. A trade that has apparently been gathering pace over the last couple of years, as a number of Canary Islands, including Lanzarote, have been importing sand from the El Marsa area in order to replenish their beaches and supply public building projects.

This part of the Western Sahara is currently leased by the Moroccan authorities to the indigenous Saharawi people, whose spokesperson on Lanzarote claims that sand extractions have not been authorised. And as a result the Saharawi authorities plan to denounce any shipment of Saharan sand that ends up on the island’s shores.

This news will certainly please some locals, who are opposed to any further blighting of Lanzarote’s natural coastline by the proposed hotel projects in Costa Teguise.

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