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HOUSE WORK Facelift For Modernist Famara Facade

Wednesday May 16, 2018

HOUSE WORK Facelift For Modernist Famara Facade

The Casa de Luiz Ramirez in Caleta de Famara sits right on the seafront in the village. And also occupies an important space in island history as it was once home to the eminent local philanthropist Luis Ramirez Gonzales – former Mayor of San Bartolome and an important patron of island cultural history.

During the 1930’s Ramirez Gonzales helped to conserve key island structures such as the Castillo de Santa Barbara on Mount Guanapay and the Castillo de las Coloradas in Playa Blanca, both of which had fallen into a state of dilapidated disrepair. Whilst also undertaking further renovation projects in the former island capital of Teguise as well as in Arrecife.

His passion for travel and architecture also resulted in the creation of a truly unique summer house in Famara – which was built during the 1920’s in the cutting edge arte-nouveau modernist style of the day and which was intended as an homage to Gaudi’s work in Barcelona. Incorporating a facade featuring marine themed motifs such as dolphins and octopuses, this remains a real architectural jewel and is the only example of this once popular pan European style on Lanzarote.

The building was passed on to the church after his death but has since fallen into a state of disrepair, due to the twin effects of erosion and neglect. But now plans are in the pipeline to restore this important slice of island history with a view to repurposing the building as a socio-cultural centre for local residents.

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