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COSTA BLANKER Builders Walk Away From Prom Project

Tuesday June 5, 2018

COSTA BLANKER Builders Walk Away From Prom Project

The long awaited 1.5 million euro project to improve the sea front walkway in Costa Teguise has been shelved once again….

The project to regenerate the sea front promenade, the Paseo Las Cucharas, in Costa Teguise has suddenly been shelved. Due to the unexpected and as yet largely unexplained withdrawal of the contractors Ferrovial, who won the 1.5 million euro tender for its restoration as far back as April 2017.

The construction company claim to have found, at the last minute, some "existing conditions on the island of Lanzarote that do not make it possible to sign the contract." And are yet to elaborate further, leaving the project on hold along with a few red faces in local government circles. As this project was intended to enhance and improve upon a previous and only partially successful remodelling of the sea front walkway, which rapidly deteriorated. Leaving this high-profile promenade, a shop window for island tourism, in a state of relative disrepair.

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