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AUF WIEDERSEHEN German Tourism Contracts By 20%

Wednesday June 6, 2018

AUF WIEDERSEHEN German Tourism Contracts By 20%

German tourist arrivals have contracted by over 20% during the first four months of 2018..

Whilst total tourist arrivals have remained largely static during the first four months of this year the German market, Lanzarote’s second largest, has shrunk by 22%. As holidaymakers there seek out cheaper alternatives to Lanzarote and the Canary Islands in the Eastern Med and Middle East.

This decline in demand was especially pronounced in April, when German visitor numbers nosedived by 30%, way ahead of the overall negative trend of 9% across all markets. Whilst arrivals from the UK, Lanzarote’s largest source of tourists, remained static that month and passenger numbers from Eire rose by just over 11%.

So far this year 162,537 German tourists have visited Lanzarote, down from nearly 200,000 during the first four months of 2017. Whilst the UK has clocked up 463,912 arrivals over the same period, an increase of 2.6%.

This deustche-defection comes as little surprise to local tourist authorities who had taken to referring to this demographic as ‘borrowed tourists’ during the arrivals upswing of the last few years. Which was largely fuelled by instabilities in competitor destinations such as Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia.

Currently, total tourist arrivals are down by just 1.3% year on year, however it is looking increasingly likely that 2018 will fall someway short of last year’s record breaking figure of 3.1 million holidaymakers.

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