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COOL CANARIES Worst May Weather In Thirty Years

Monday June 11, 2018

COOL CANARIES Worst May Weather In Thirty Years

Lanzarote experienced its coldest May temperatures last month since 1992, according to data just released by AEMET.

May temperatures in the Canary Islands were on average 1.2 degrees Celsius below their seasonal norms according to state meteorological agency AEMET. With Lanzarote reporting its coldest readings since 1992 and other islands such as Gran Canaria experiencing the largest lows since 1989.

The low temperatures were created by unusually dense cloud cover which has continued to impact conditions in the north of Lanzarote into June. With grey skies, referred to by locals as panza del burro, thanks to their similarity to the colour of a donkey’s belly, dominating most mornings.

Weather in both mainland Spain and the Canaries has been unseasonably cool throughout Spring thanks in large part to a kink in the jet stream an occluded front to the north of the Canaries.

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