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PAPER PLANES New Airport Study For Lanzarote

Monday June 25, 2018

PAPER PLANES New Airport Study For Lanzarote

The island government plans to commission a study into possible locations for a new airport on Lanzarote.

Lanzarote’s President, Pedro San Gines, announced last week that his government plans to commission an engineering study to identify possible locations for a new airport on the island.

The new airport would replace the existing facilities which are located at Guacimeta, within the residential area of Playa Honda. A landing strip that basically started life as a military aerodrome back in the 1940’s and which was never really designed to cope with the growing demands of the three million plus passengers Lanzarote now attracts annually.

As well as creating noise pollution issues for many local residents and tourists in the island’s main resort of Puerto del Carmen, the existing air strip is also one of the shortest in Spain. Which impacts upon Lanzarote’s ability to attract holidaymakers from further flung destinations on direct flights, as these would require bigger planes capable of holding more fuel and a much longer runway for them to land on.

The approach to the existing airport is also quite challenging for pilots, with conditions often further disrupted by strong directional winds. Which in the past has led to an uusually high number of flight diversions and cancellations.

Future proofing the island’s airport has been on the agenda for over a decade, but operator’s AENA are still dragging their heels on the production of a report into options for extending the existing airstrip.

Meanwhile local politician’s have their eyes set on reclaiming the coastal strip and attractive beaches that the airport currently occupies for both residential and tourist use.

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