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ALL OUT Ryanair Strike Dates In July

Friday July 6, 2018

ALL OUT Ryanair Strike Dates In July

Ryanair cabin crews in four European countries will be taking strike action on July 25th and 26th…

Ryanair cabin crew in four European countries have announced the dates for their planned 48 hour walk out on July 25th and 26th.

Strike action is being planned by cabin crew based in Italy, Portugal, Belgium and Spain, the latter in particular having potential negative impact for tourists flying to Lanzarote.

Ryanair only began to recognise union rights last winter and deals truck to date have not entirely placated workers in some countries. As a result the collective crews met this week in Dublin to draw up a charter, which includes demands for a fairer living wage, claims management have dismissed as “pointless”.

Meanwhile Ryanair pilots in Eire are also planning their own separate strike action on July 12th.

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