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QUAD WRANGLES San Bartolome Closes Roads To Quad Bikes

Tuesday July 24, 2018

QUAD WRANGLES San Bartolome Closes Roads To Quad Bikes

Another local council has restricted the free circulation of quad bikes in order to protect the environment….

The local council in San Bartolome yesterday announced their intention to restrict access to rural roads of all vehicles such as quad and trail bikes and restrict the promotion of any group tours within the municipality.

Quad bike tours in rural areas of Lanzarote has become a hot topic in recent years, with many locals protesting at the incursion into protected areas and the potential damage that such tours can inflict on both the local landscape and individuals.

The local councillor responsible for environmental issues stated, "The ultimate goal is to ensure the conservation of the municipality's natural heritage, while ensuring respect for the population and public and private property of the rural world, and the protection of cultural and landscape elements."

The new directive affects not just the circulation of these vehicles but also even parking and promotion, leaving just three roads in the entire municapility where passage is permitted. The new law comes into effect in another month or so and also carries economic penalties for non- compliance.

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