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CRIME WAVE Aquapark Stick Up Nets 14,000 Euros

Monday August 20, 2018

CRIME WAVE Aquapark Stick Up Nets 14,000 Euros

Two suspects are currently in custody after a robbery at Costa Teguise’s Aquapark attraction this morning….

The Guardia Civil are currently holding two men in custody after a 14,000 euro takings snatch at the popular Aquapark attraction in Costa Teguise this morning.

The robbers used violent intimidation with what have been described as pistols in local media to relieve staff of the money which was accumulated over a busy weekend’s trading.  Including a summer foam party held yesterday.

Local Guardia Civil officers, stationed a short distance from the Aquapark reacted quickly, arresting two suspects in nearby Arrecife, a 35 year old Spanish male and a 19 year old male of no given nationality. As yet the stolen cash remains unnacounted for.

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