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CLEANED OUT Workers Strike At Costa Teguise Hotel

Thursday August 23, 2018

CLEANED OUT Workers Strike At Costa Teguise Hotel

Tourists staying at the BeLive Lanzarote Experience Hotel in Costa Teguise will be welcomed by striking cleaners this morning..

Floor maids and room attendants at the Be Live Lanzarote Experience Hotel have launched an indefinite strike action starting from today. In response to hotel management’s intransigence to reach a compromise over current staff workloads.

The BeLive hotel group are ultimately controlled by Globalia, a huge Spanish based tourist multinational that operates in over 30 countries, boasting a turnover of 6.3 billion euros in 2017 alone. The hotel workers are employed, as is the norm these days, by a subcontractor called Genser, who also remain unsympathetic to claims that current cleaning workloads are unsustainable for their employees. Genser is part owned by a leading local politician, Popular Party deputy Carmen Álvarez-Arenas.

Conditions for many hotel workers in the Canary Islands tourism sector deteriorated significantly after the economic crisis in 2008 and further still after deregulation in 2012. Resulting in blatant exploitation, with some hotel cleaners earning as little as 1.25 euros per room, according to a recent BBC investigation. Whilst hotel profits grow on the back of a sustained tourist boom.

As a result there is potential for industrial action to spread to other establishments, both within and without the Globalia group, according to representatives of the CCO Trade Union, who are organising the strike.

Guests staying at the BeLive in Costa Teguise will be welcomed by pickets stationed at the entrance hotel from today, whilst a rally at the main doors is currently planned for 14.00.

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