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TIME TRAVEL Clocks Go Cuckoo In The Canaries?

Monday September 3, 2018

TIME TRAVEL Clocks Go Cuckoo In The Canaries?

The Canary Islands could soon be switching time zones along with the rest of Spain, if the EU gets its way….

The European Commission is about to recommend that all member states do away with their current bi-annual clock change and operate permanently on summer time hours. A suggestion that has particular piquancy in Spain, as the country has basically been operating in the wrong time zone ever since 1942, when General Franco moved clocks forward by one hour in a show of solidarity with Hitler’s Germany.

Up until then, Spain had been on the same time as the UK and Eire – a more geographically accurate schedule which has been maintained to this day in the Canary Islands. Providing an obvious benefit for tourists travelling to the archipelago from these key markets.

The EU proposal has sparked significant debate in Spain, with politicians and economists currently split between the benefits of running permanently on winter or summer time, or whether to go along with the project at all. Whilst in the Canaries the regional government are currently opposed to having the same schedule as the mainland.

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