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SHIFTING SANDS Spain Targets Quality Over Quantity

Thursday September 6, 2018

SHIFTING SANDS Spain Targets Quality Over Quantity

The Canary Islands have ‘lost’ 330,000 visitors in the last four months, whilst Spain as a whole experienced it’s largest fall in arrivals in July since 2010….

Tourist arrivals in the Canary Islands and Spain reached a high-water mark in 2017 as the nation briefly replaced France as the most popular holiday destination in Europe. But more recent reports reveal a reversal in arrivals, as holidaymakers eschew the Iberian option in favour of cheaper alternatives in the Middle East.

According to INE, Spain’s National Institute of Statistics, visitor numbers to Spain as a whole fell in July by 4.9% versus 2017 figures. Thanks to a drop in demand in the key British and German markets. Whilst here on Lanzarote hotel occupancy fell by much the same figure of 5%.

However tourism officials have stated that there is no need for alarm, as TurEspana, the state tourism agency, embarks on a new marketing strategy that will attempt to reposition Spain as a more aspirational and less price sensitive destination. Moving the country away from its ‘sun and beach’ reputation by highlighting other elements such as culture, gastronomy and sport. In the hope of reshaping perceptions in a bid to attract more cosmopolitan, high spending holidaymakers.

To date, there seems to be some statistical support to suggest that this strategic shift is already paying off, as overall earnings from the tourism sector fell by just 0.9% over the same period, with UK spending in fact rising by an impressive 7%.

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