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ASH FLASH Any Future Eruptions ‘Limited In Range’

Tuesday September 25, 2018

ASH FLASH Any Future Eruptions ‘Limited In Range’

Any future volcanic eruptions on Lanzarote will be similar in dimension to those of 1824, according to a new expert study…

The study, designed to facilitate forward planning in the event of any future emergency, was undertaken by Spain’s Institute of Earth Sciences. And predicts that Timanfaya would once again be the epicentre of any future volcanic activity, with it’s existing lava fields absorbing much of the resulting damage created by any new flows and ash falls.

Timanfaya was the scene of one of the largest eruptions ever recorded in Europe, lasting six years from 1730 to 1736, which created hundreds of volcanic cones and covered around one third of Lanzarote in lava.

The study, which appears in a scientific journal about natural hazards and earth systems, hypothesises that any further eruptions on Lanzarote will be smaller and less prolonged than this, more closely matching the three month incident in 1824 and resulting in a more limited affected area. Impacting mainly on the municipalities of Tias, Tinajo, San Bartolome and Arrecife. With ash columns of around 3 km high and lava flows of around 7km in length.

In total the Canary Islands have experienced 15 eruptions over the last 600 years, with very limited loss of life. The most recent of which occurred on El Hierro in 2011/2012.

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