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CRISIS POINT Lanzarote Declares Humanitarian Emergency

Wednesday October 10, 2018

CRISIS POINT Lanzarote Declares Humanitarian Emergency

The island government has declared an humanitarian emergency after the arrival of over 100 unattached minors….

Clement climate conditions and a crackdown in Italy has resulted in an influx of boat crossings by would be immigrants into the Canaries this autumn. And here on Lanzarote over 100 unattached minors have made it to shore in the last few days, prompting the island government to declare an humanitarian emergency and an appeal to the central government in Madrid for more help and resources.

Pateras, the local term for these boats, have been reported in various points across the island over the last week, including Arrieta, Famara and La Santa, as recent calmer seas have helped encourage crossings from coastal Africa.

Local authorities had hoped to temporarily house the 100 plus minors, currently living in tents in Yaiza, in the Marques de Herrera barracks in Arrecife. But after being refused permission by the Ministry of Defence they will now be sheltered in a hostel in La Santa for a period of up to three months.

Local politicians have lamented the lack of assistance and support from Spain’s central government with island president Pedro San Gines reportedly outraged by the lack of response and sensitivity to this growing humanitarian crisis.

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