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VISA PLEASER British Tourists Free To Visit Lanzarote

Tuesday November 13, 2018

VISA PLEASER British Tourists Free To Visit Lanzarote

British holidaymakers planning to visit Lanzarote and other parts of the EU will not require a travel visa, even in the event of no Brexit deal…..

The European Commission has placed the UK on its official visa exemption list – which means no costly or time-consuming visa application process for British tourists visiting the continent. Stating earlier today “The European Commission has proposed to the EU legislator to exempt UK nationals from visa requirements for short-term stays”.

This proposal is dependent on the UK granting reciprocal free access for EU citizens jetting into the UK, which currently appears a formality. As the British government has already stated willingness to waive visa entry for European visitors.

However travellers could still face some red tape, as the EU continues to press ahead with plans to implement ETIAS, the EU Travel Information and Authorisation System, which could yet require British tourists to apply online for permission to visit in advance of any short term stay.

Whilst British drivers may also yet require an EU valid green card in order to hire and drive vehicles on the continent.

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