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MOON WALK Pangea X Project Touches Down Again

Wednesday November 21, 2018

MOON WALK Pangea X Project Touches Down Again

Scientists from the European Space Agency are conducting more studies amidst Lanzarote’s lunar landscapes….

A crack team from the European Space Agency has landed on Lanzarote once again in order to conduct further research into technological advances in an environment as similar lunar conditions as possible.

Using state of the art AI research robots astronauts will be analysing rock data in and around the Timanfaya region and returning the results to mission control in a simulated exercise designed to prepare them for interplanetary exploration.

According to a project spokesperson, “Our goal is to test tools and procedures in a real environment, with the instruments and communicative limitations that we would have in a mission. The integration of science and operations is crucial. We are here to improve the efficiency of future expeditions to the Moon. From 3D models to geological analysis on the ground and robotic teleoperations, this is the most realistic way to prepare to return to the Moon."

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