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PLANT LIFE Green Scheme Takes Root

Friday November 30, 2018

PLANT LIFE Green Scheme Takes Root

Lanzarote’s going greener, thanks to a new planting initiative designed to mark the 25th Biosphere Reserve Anniversary….

Tourists visiting Lanzarote should be able to enjoy an even greener island when they next return. Thanks to a new drive initiated by the island government to re-green certain areas of the island with native plant life.

The drive is designed to mark the 25th Anniversary of Lanzarote’s status as a protected UNESO biosphere and challenges all sectors of the local population, from businesses to individuals, to join the scheme.

The aim is to re-vegetate public areas in each of Lanzarote’s seven municipalities with thousands of indigenous plant species, such as Tabaiba Dulce, Tajinaste and Draceana draco, which have all been cultivated locally specifically for the project.

Different areas of the island will be targeted over the coming months with the first green wave breaking in Nazaret and Mala this coming Saturday.

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