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REEF RELIEF Los Lobos Limits Visitor Numbers

Monday December 17, 2018

REEF RELIEF Los Lobos Limits Visitor Numbers

Visitor numbers on the tiny island of Los Lobos will be limited from early January, with a small charge levied for conservation….

Tourist authorities are pressing ahead with plans to limit visit numbers on Los Lobos, the small speck of land and natural park off the coast of Fuerteventura, to just 200 people a day. In order to ease fears of unmanaged overcrowding and damage to the environment.

Over the last few years Los Lobos has become an increasingly popular attraction for all manner of vessels, stretching sustainability to the limit. The island government on Fuerteventura, who are responsible for the management and administration of Los Lobos, will also be levying a small visitor fee to assist with cleaning, conservation and maintenance.

A new open air museum is also planned for 2019, located on the La Calera beach, also known as La Concha, where excavations in 2012 first revealed evidence of an ancient Roman settlement. Where in centuries past the Empire processed a purple dye from marine molluscs.

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