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THE STING Jellyfish Close Southern Beaches To Swimmers

Friday March 15, 2019

THE STING Jellyfish Close Southern Beaches To Swimmers

Jellyfish swarms have temporarily closed some beaches to swimmers in the south of the island….

The presence of highly toxic Portuguese caravels, also known as false jellyfish, resulted in the raising of the red flag at Playa Dorada in Playa Blanca yesterday. Whilst local authorities have advised that tourists exercise extreme caution if taking a dip anywhere in the south of the island over the coming days.

Former Prime Minister and Brexit buffoon David Cameron was famously stung by this same species on the beach at Arrieta a few years back. And around thirty Portuguese caravels were cleared from the beach at Playa Dorada yesterday by local emergency services.

Tourists have been advised to seek help from the nearest aid or health centre in the event of a sting and to avoid applying ammonia in the form of vinegar or urine!

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