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FUNNY MONEY Dodgy Dough In Circulation

Tuesday May 14, 2019

FUNNY MONEY Dodgy Dough In Circulation

The local police in Arrecife have warned that counterfeit 20 euro notes are in circulation on the island….

Anti-fraud experts in the island capital of Arrecife have detected dodgy dough circulating in the local money supply. And have advised the public and visiting tourists to pay careful attention to their change, especially when it comes in the form of 20 euro notes.

The fake bank notes can be detected with a few simple checks. Genuine 20 euro notes have a firm and resistant feel and make a distinct sound when wrinkled. They also incorporate a metallic security filament which is visible when exposed to light and a watermark which is totally transparent.

Tourists who find themselves in possession of any 20 euro notes which fail these simple tests should turn the counterfeit cash into their nearest police station or Bank of Spain branch. Whilst simply passing the notes on by spending them is is classed as a criminal offence.

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