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SICK BAY Playa Blanca Hotel Salmonella Storm

Wednesday August 21, 2019

SICK BAY Playa Blanca Hotel Salmonella Storm

Over 65 British holidaymakers are planning to sue tour operators TUI after contracting food poisoning at the Playa Blanca Holiday Village Hotel…

The British national press is awash with stories about the nightmare stay endured by hundreds of British holidaymakers at the 4 star Holiday Village hotel in Playa Blanca.

Over 65 tourists from the UK who all booked an all-inclusive break with TUI earlier this summer reported gastric problems including vomiting, high temperatures and diarrhea whilst staying in the resort.

The outbreak affected young and old alike, with one 18 month baby being rushed into hospital, whilst a pregnant woman affected by the outbreak was forced to cut short her stay and return to the UK.

As a result UK solicitors Irwin Mitchell are now planning to bring a case against TUI on behalf of the holidaymakers affected. Whilst tabloids such as The Sun have had a predictable field day, wheeling out their tired old Lanza Grotty clichés.

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