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HALF CUT Ryanair’s Lanzarote Reductions Revealed

Monday September 16, 2019

HALF CUT Ryanair’s Lanzarote Reductions Revealed

Ryanair’s withdrawal from Lanzarote will result in a 50% cut in services and the cessation of flights from Leeds, Newcastle and Knock…

Lanzarote’s Minister of Tourism, Angel Vasquez, today confirmed that Ryanair’s base in Lanzarote will be closing on January 8th 2020. Resulting in a reduction of services by “about half” and the end of Ryanair flights to the island from Leeds, Newcastle and Knock airports.

Flight services from Valencia and Berlin will also be terminated altogether, whilst services from the mainland, such as Madrid, will be cut from two flights per day to one.

This worrying reduction in Lanzarote’s connectivity has certainly shaken local tourist authorities, as last year alone the budget carrier accounted for some 1.5 million passenger visits. And whilst other airlines are expressing interest in filling the hole left by Ryanair’s withdrawal none operate on a similar scale.

Ryanair instantly became the largest carrier to Lanzarote when they first commenced services back in 2009, followed by the opening of a dedicated base in 2011. The closure of the Lanzarote base in January 2020 is expected to result in some 500 redundancies and will certainly impact upon the island’s tourist sector.

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