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HOT WHEELS New Timanfaya Transporter Unveiled

Monday September 30, 2019

HOT WHEELS New Timanfaya Transporter Unveiled

Electric autonomous vehicles will transport tourists around Lanzarote’s most popular attraction from May 2020….

The driverless electric vehicles have been developed at a cost of over 1 million euros at the Carlos III University in Leganes on mainland Spain and is the first transporter of its kind in the country, discharging less emissions and fully equipped to cope with the needs of disabled visitors.

Each microbus can seat up to 12 passengers and has a maximum speed of 24km per hour. Stereo cameras and ultrasound technology detect obstacles and enable driverless conveyance without compromising passenger safety.

Their introduction is expected to reduce carbon emissions within the National Park by about 470 tons per year, whilst delivering a 180,000 euro annual reduction in fossil fuel consumption costs.

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