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AIR PRESSURE Brexit Bites British Arrivals

Thursday December 12, 2019

AIR PRESSURE Brexit Bites British Arrivals

The number of British tourists visiting Lanzarote fell by 10% during November, as Boris Johnson's bungled Brexit deadline buffeted confidence…

Local hoteliers and holiday companies could well be left blaming Boris Johnson for the fall in tourist guests from the UK last month. As whilst his ‘immovable’ Brexit departure deadline of October 31st failed to materialise so did over 11,000 plus arrivals from the UK.

British arrivals had been holding up well during the previous months of 2019. With UK tourist numbers up by 1.4% for the period January to October, versus 2018 figures.

However, the looming October deadline and the uncertainty this created within the travel sector around issues such as passport validity and overseas healthcare clearly impacted negatively on bookings, convincing some British holidaymakers to stay at home.

Whilst in Lanzarote’s other key market, Germany, the longer term trend of ‘borrowed tourists’ returning to destinations in the Middle East, allied with an incipient recession, further elongated a year long downward curve that has resulted in an overall 12.6% decline in arrivals during the year to date.

On the upside arrivals from Eire, the island’s third largest source of tourists, remain up by 5.8%. Whilst France and Spain also posted positive growth, recording year on year increases of 11.5% and 4.5% respectively.

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