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SEAT NUMBERS Foreign Tourist Arrivals Drop In December

Thursday January 23, 2020

SEAT NUMBERS Foreign Tourist Arrivals Drop In December

The number of tourists flying into Lanzarote from countries outside Spain fell by 4.4% last month, with British arrivals down by 2.6%...

A total of 206,381 foreign tourists enjoyed a break on the island during the course of December, down from 216.364 arrivals in 2018.

The largest drop was recorded in the German market, which accounted for 3446 fewer arrivals than in December 2018, a fall of 10.2%. Whilst arrivals from the UK, Lanzarote’s largest source of tourists, fell by 2.6% - equivalent to 2900 passengers.

Eire, the island’s third largest market, recorded positive growth however, with arrivals up by 6.2%. Whilst the domestic Spanish market also grew by 6%, as passenger numbers reached 93,243. Over the course of last year Lanzarote welcomed 2.48 million foreign tourists, a figure that fell by 2.9% versus 2018 arrivals.

However this still left Lanzarote outperforming every other island in the archipelago with the sole exception of Tenerife, where foreign tourist arrivals fell by just 0.3% during 2019.

Despite downward demand pressures exerted by Brexit arrivals from the UK were actually close to stable in 2019, down by just 0.5%. With the total figure of 1.38 million British arrivals accounting for 55% of all foreign tourist visitors to Lanzarote.

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