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GOING VIRAL First Case of Coronavirus on Lanzarote?

Thursday February 27, 2020

GOING VIRAL First Case of Coronavirus on Lanzarote?

Local health officials believe that they may have identified the first case of Coronavirus here on Lanzarote…..but the test results are not in yet…

After testing last night a young local male is currently isolated at home under close medical inspection. He is understood to have recently returned from a tip to Italy and the results of this test will be made known later today.

Currently, Coronavirus cases have been detected in both La Gomera and Tenerife. Whilst up until this point Lanzarote has remained unaffected, with all tourist services operating as normal.

However, there is growing concern amongst local tourist authorities that the virus and its spread across Europe could begin to impact on the sector moving forwards. Especially if restrictions are placed on passenger air movements.

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