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PRESS PASS The Sun Shines On Lanzarote’s All Clear Status

Tuesday March 3, 2020

PRESS PASS The Sun Shines On Lanzarote’s All Clear Status

UK tabloid The Sun today recommended Lanzarote as one of the few Coronavirus free sunshine holiday destinations left in Europe….

The Sun article cites Lanzarote and Gran Canaria as two European sunshine destinations still free of Coronavirus, along with Malta and Cyprus. Whilst also reporting on the current state of play on Tenerife, where a sixth case of Covid-19 has now been reported at the H10 Costa Adeje Palace Hotel.

There, the Tenerife Tourist Board has issued a statement designed to counteract the current media hysteria, “Around the island, there is a state of absolute normality, and life goes on, both in the tourist areas and in the rest of the island, like it was any other day of the year: cars and people are moving around freely; ports and airports are operating as normal (with no restriction whatsoever regarding arrivals or departures); on beaches, in shops, parks, museums and restaurants, on the streets." A message that Canary Island tourist authorities are also reinforcing via a social media campaign which encourages tourists to continue visiting the archipelago.

Spain as a whole now has 123 reported cases of Coronavirus with infections reported in various parts of the country from Castellon to Catalonia.

However the country is still regarded as entirely safe to visit and no official UK government travel bans or warnings are in place. Whilst all flights to Spain from UK airports continue to operate as normal.

The Sun remains the UK's most popular national news outlet, boasting an estimated combined print and online readership of 33 million plus adults every month and a daily circulation of around 1.4 million copies.

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