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SAFETY FIRST Canaries Combat Coronavirus

Thursday March 12, 2020

SAFETY FIRST Canaries Combat Coronavirus

Flights to and from Italy have been suspended and large-scale events cancelled on Lanzarote as authorities take measures to keep the island free of Covid 19 infections…

The Government of the Canary Islands yesterday announced the cancellation of all events in the archipelago that involve a high concentration of people in order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

To date, no cases have been reported here on Lanzarote. But local authorities have still pressed ahead with preventative measures that include the cancellation of the Sunday market in Teguise, along with the upcoming Carnival celebrations in resorts such as Costa Teguise and Playa Blanca.

Sporting events attracting crowds in excess of 1000 people will also be cancelled. These measures will be in place for the next 14 days.

College and University students returning to the island from the mainland after the suspension of classes in cities such as Madrid have been told to self-quarantine for a two-week period. Whilst all flights to and from Italy were suspended earlier this week.

Meanwhile local trade and tourist authorities have been meeting to discuss the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic as reservations and occupancy levels start to fall here on Lanzarote in advance of the normally busy Easter holiday period.

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