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ISOLATION ISLAND Lanzarote on Lockdown

Sunday March 15, 2020

ISOLATION ISLAND Lanzarote on Lockdown

Tourists and residents are obliged to stay indoors by law for the next 15 days on Lanzarote, effective from tomorrow 08.00.....

The Spanish government has ramped up the battle against Coronavirus with the announcement of a series of measures which will be implemented across the country and which will limit freedom of movement for all here on Lanzarote.

The situation is fast moving and continues to develop but what is clear is that from tomorrow, 08.00, all non-essential travel is banned, shops, bars, restaurants and most businesses are closed and tourist and residents are expected to stay indoors and work from home.

Banks, pharmacies, supermarkets, vets, tobacconists, tech/IT shops and garages however will remain open and it is permitted to leave the house or your hotel to visit any of these establishments. Slightly bizarrely, hairdressers will also remain open.

However, the law dictates that residents and tourists are not able to leave their home or hotel for any other purpose, such as going for walks (unless with their dog), sightseeing, visiting friends or a dip in the sea and that a distance of at least 1 metre should be maintained with other people.

What this all means for visitors to the island remains a little unclear. Could they be confined to their hotel rooms for example? Or just their hotels? And are measures being taken to repatriate tourists over the coming weeks?

To date Jet2 and British Airways have cancelled all services to the Canaries. But yesterday, tourist flights were still arriving at Cesar Manrique Airport until at least lunchtime. Whilst flights from countries such as Germany appear to be arriving today.  Yesterday evening, some visitors were turned away from the airportand told to go back to their accommodation as their scheduled return departures were cancelled. 

Panic buying and lengthy queues have been in evidence in supermarkets in and around the larger conurbations such as Arrecife and Playa Honda. Despite authorities pleading for calm and insisting that supply chains will remain undisrupted.  Whilst the Guardia Civil are already enforcing the new restrictions in some areas of the island today - for example preventing locals taking walks or bathing in the sea at Playa Honda.

Other parts of the island remain relatively calm however, with everyday life in the North currently continuing much as normal - with tourists strolling on the beach at Arrieta and local supermarkets and garages maintaining ample supplies.

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