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SHUT DOWN Tourist Accommodation Closes On Lanzarote

Wednesday March 18, 2020

SHUT DOWN Tourist Accommodation Closes On Lanzarote

The Ministry of Health has ordered all tourist establishments to close their doors by March 21st….

The lockdown on Lanzarote continues apace, as the Ministry of Health has ordered the closure of all tourist accommodation, including private villas, by March 21st.

Yesterday, the President of the Lanzarote government stated that it was “intolerable” for hotels and apartment complexes to continue to open their public areas such as swimming pools and restaurants to guests, given the risk of infection for both holidaymakers and workers alike. Whilst the Guardia Civil has also been actively closing public areas and amenities in certain establishments.

Thousands of tourists are still waiting to be repatriated from Lanzarote – a process which is continuing apace this week and which is expected to be fully completed by the end of the weekend. Local newspapers are reporting chaotic scenes at Cesar Manrique Airport – with tourists camping out and crammed together in confined spaces, in spite of announcements to maintain distance – which is proving a physical impossibility.

Shops and restaurants are closed and in some extreme cases tourists have been sleeping in cars to avoid the packed terminal building. Whilst the Spanish military have also arrived on the scene in hazmat suits and are disinfecting high traffic areas within the airport.

In the meantime, guests staying in hotels and apartment complexes are expected to adhere to the current decree governing social isolation and remain in their rooms.

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