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THE MASK Life After Lockdown On Lanzarote

Friday April 17, 2020

THE MASK Life After Lockdown On Lanzarote

Tourists visiting post-lockdown Lanzarote could be asked to wear facemasks and take temperature tests at airports…….

Tourist authorities in the Canary Islands are planning for life after lockdown – as the archipelago emerges from complete containment measures which are set to end on April 26th – but which may yet be extended until May 10th.

The Canary Islands have been one of the areas in Spain least affected by Coronavirus and here on Lanzarote infection rates have dwindled substantially over the last week. Whilst rising temperatures over the coming months should also help to halt the spread of Covid 19, according to recent research conducted by AEMET, the state meteorological agency.

Currently all tourist accommodation in the Canaries is closed until June 30th, a measure which has had an enormous economic impact on the islands as tourism accounts for around 40% of GDP (the highest proportion in Spain), leaving an estimated 30% of the population dependent on social security.

As a result, pressure to re-open the archipelago ahead of mainland Spain and reboot the economy is growing – but the Canary Islands President Angel Torres has made it clear that the ultimate decision lies with the national government in Madrid. Whilst stating that he will not allow the Canary Islands to be used as an experiment for the relaxation of restrictions.

As yet, the national government in Spain has not set any timeline for this process and has made it clear that re-opening airports to foreign tourists is likely to be a very gradual process, accompanied by significant security measures, such as the use of face masks, social distancing and the taking of temperatures.

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