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When Will I Be Able To Visit Lanzarote Again?

Wednesday May 27, 2020

When Will I Be Able To Visit Lanzarote Again?

Lanzarote is set to reopen to foreign tourists from at least July 1st, or possibly even sooner, according to the latest reports….

Lanzarote and the rest of Spain will reopen to international tourism from July 1st, when the current 14-day quarantine period for foreigners flying into the county comes to an end.

It is possible that Lanzarote and other regions of Spain could in fact be allowed to reopen even sooner.  Thanks to the recent Spanish proposal to the EU proposing the creation of travel corridors between regions and countries within the EU which have achieved similar levels of control over the spread of the coronavirus.

Spain’s Tourism Minister Reyes Maroto stated yesterday, “The border controls and the restrictions on travel have to be lifted in areas that have an epidemiological situation that is evolving positively.  We are working to reactivate tourism ahead of summer, with the utmost guarantees of health security.”

Industry observers have commented that the travel corridor proposal could benefit the Canaries and the Balearics especially.  Both regions have a high dependency on tourism and low Covid 19 infection rates and may yet be able to receive visitors a week or so earlier.

Spanish press reports also suggest that the Balearic Islands government has already been in negotiation with certain regions or lander within Germany to discuss travel arrangements with areas with low infection rates.  Whilst all of the major airlines and tour operators in both the UK and Germany, such as TUI, are now actively engaged in the sale of flights and packages to Lanzarote and the rest of Spain in July and August.

Here on Lanzarote most beaches reopened on Monday, much to the delight of locals who packed popular spots such as Arrieta and Famara.  Whilst bars and restaurants are also now starting to reopen in advance of the summer season.


Hopes are growing that the Canary Islands could re-open to international tourists again as soon as late June, according to senior Spanish government sources.

Arancha González Laya, Spain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, was interviewed on the BBC’s Today programme yesterday morning, and stated that both the Balearic and Canary Islands could be open to foreign tourists as soon as next month. A timescale that is likely to be in advance of metropolitan hubs such as Madrid and Barcelona. “At the beginning of May, when we thought that the situation was stabilising, we started gradually to de-escalate [our lockdown] measures. We hope to end them by the end of June. When we open the country – first to Spaniards, and then to tourists – everybody will be safe. Some of our territories, like the islands, are Covid-free.”

Her comments echo those made earlier this week by José Luis Ábalos, Spain’s Transport Minister. Who stated on national broadcaster TVE on Monday that the country’s tourism sector could begin to welcome international arrivals from the end of June, assuming that the current domestic de-escalation process continues without causing a spike in new infections.

According to both politicians the Spanish government has plans in place to promote the archipelago as a safe destination for tourists, highlighting the low infection rate in the islands.

As a result, the Spanish government plans to handle the rebooting of the tourist sector very cautiously though. With Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and other senior government figures expressing the view that Italy is taking a risky gamble by de-escalating more rapidly and re-opening to tourists in early June.

The Spanish government’s position is that it is better to suffer the economic effects of the lockdown for a few weeks longer to ensure against further infections and confinement measures. Which would only do even greater damage to Spain’s reputation as a safe tourist destination in the longer term.

MAY 8TH 2020

British and Irish tourists could be able to visit Lanzarote from September or October onwards, according to the latest forecast from the President of the Canary Islands.

As Lanzarote begins to emerge from lockdown a tentative tourism timescale has been tabled by Angel Victor Torres, the President of The Canary Islands. This forecast is entirely dependent on the successful fulfilment of a four-phase plan to defrost the Canaries (and the rest of Spain) from quarantine controls. Which have been described as amongst the strictest imposed anywhere in the world in reaction to the Covid 19 crisis.

Tourist accommodation providers on Lanzarote are in fact scheduled to re-open their doors for business as early as this coming Monday May 11th, albeit at limited capacity and with communal areas such as swimming pools and restaurant areas closed.

Initially, only Canary Islands residents will be able to book a stay. With President Torres predicting that island airports will then re-open to tourists from the Spanish mainland in June and to international tourism from key markets such as the UK “in September or October”.

A timeframe that is also obviously dependent on the pace of recovery in these countries from the pandemic.

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