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Lanzarote Reopens For Summer With Limited Flight Capacity

Friday June 5, 2020

Lanzarote Reopens For Summer With Limited Flight Capacity

Lanzarote’s tourist authorities are currently expecting 204 weekly flight services to operate to the island this summer, down from 585 in 2019. Turismo Lanzarote expect the island to be operating at around 35% of last year’s summer capacity during July and August, after discussions with all of the main airlines and tour groups.

Emphasising that these projections are based solely on data available today and which is subject to change over the coming weeks.

"The fact that these places are finally filled or not, or what level of occupation will finally be reached, will be subject to numerous factors, such as the evolution of the pandemic itself, the security protocols that are defined and the different regulatory regulations of air transport that are established, either in a common way throughout the European Union, which would be ideal, or by each of the governments of the issuing countries and the governments of Spain and the Canary Islands. "

As things currently stand, 20 weekly flights are expected to operate from the UK, down from 141 per week in July and August 2019. Whilst flights from Eire are down to 12 from 38 and from Germany down to 11 instead of 23.

In addition, 88 inter-island flight services are expected to operate (down from 239), whilst incoming arrivals from the Spanish mainland will fall to 62 services from 82 last summer. There’s also likely to be four flights per week from Italy, three from Belgium, three from Switzerland and just one from France.

The major unknown at this stage is how many people will actually choose to book seats on these flights. And Turismo Lanzarote have also just launched a multi channel marketing campaign in order to stimulate demand.

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