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What Will My Lanzarote Holiday Be Like This Summer?

Friday July 3, 2020

What Will My Lanzarote Holiday Be Like This Summer?

What sort of post Covid 19 holiday can tourists expect when they visit Lanzarote this summer?

There are no active cases of Covid 19 on the island and overall the infection rate here was much lower than in other parts of Spain and Europe. Shops, bars, restaurants and tourist attractions have all now been open to the general public without incident for a few weeks.

And in reality, on the ground, life does seem very much like it is getting back to ‘normal’. Local beaches have been very busy already for the last few weeks, with no masks required or worn. And you can now relax in the sun and enjoy a cold drink on restaurant and bar terraces without any restrictions – the only main difference being that you will be served by a waiter wearing a mask.

Common sense dictates that current protocols should still be observed. Masks must be worn for example if you are in a confined public space or in close proximity to other members of the public. So you are required to don these in shops, along with gloves if you want to visit the supermarket, whilst social distancing of at least 1.5 metres must be maintained at all times. Regular hand washing also remains an important stipulation.

Prior To Travelling

All tourists visiting Spain this summer will first need to complete the new FCS Health Form online 48 hours before embarking, in order to ensure they can gain admittance to the country. The form is easy to complete and more information about this can be viewed here.

Flying To Lanzarote

Key carriers such as Ryanair have issued plenty of information and guidelines for anyone flying out to Lanzarote this summer. These measures include..

  • Check in online
  • Check your temperature before travelling
  • Expect temperature checks at your departure airport
  • Travellers are expected to wear masks in the airport and when flying
  • Use self-service luggage check-ins
  • Use hand sanitisers as you pass through the airport
  • Don’t queue at the boarding gate
  • Scan your own boarding pass
  • Don’t queue for toilets
  • Passengers must otherwise remain seated at all times
  • Passengers must wear seat belts at all times
  • Masks must be worn until you have exited the terminal building.

All airlines will be professionally disinfecting their planes and have high quality air filtration systems which operate to hospital standards. In flight services are likely to be more limited than in the past – so it may be sensible to take your own food and drink on-board.

Any transactions in flight are cashless, card only.

On Arrival

In addition to presenting an FCS Health Form QR code, all arrivals will pass through a three phase security and screening process. Which encompasses the taking of temperatures, a visual check and the provision of full information about your stay – such as accommodation name and departure date – in order to facilitate tracking and testing should that need arise.

Transfer To Your Accommodation

Tourists are advised to wear masks when travelling in taxis and on coaches or public buses when transferring to their accommodation on Lanzarote. If queueing for a hire car in the terminal you will need to wear a mask and maintain social distancing.

At Your Accommodation

Many hotels on Lanzarote have opted to remain closed this summer. Partly in expectation of reduced demand for hotel stays and partly due to the logistical diffilcuties involved in maintaining safety levels within a communal environment.

Those hotels that are open will be enforcing controls over social distancing in all communal areas such as around the swimming pool and in the dining room.

Owners and managers of private rental accommodation are expected to follow strict protocols governing cleaning and disinfection of properties, removal of contact items such as books and games and the provision of hand sanitisers. Many are also providing contactless check in and virtual concierge services.

Visiting Tourist Attractions

All of Lanzarote’s main tourist attractions such as The Jameos del Agua and the Timanfaya National Park are open to tourists. Normal protocols such as maintaining social distancing and wearing masks should be observed.

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