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Local Wine Sales Rise by 30% in 2010

Thursday January 27, 2011

Local Wine Sales Rise by 30% in 2010

Sales of Lanzarote wines rose by 31.5% during 2010, according to the Regulatory Council of Denominated Origin. As 1,930,869 bottles of locally produced wine were sold both here and abroad over the last year.

The figures are extremely positive when viewed in relation to sales made in 2009, when only 1,467,597 bottles were sold. Indicating that efforts to invigorate interest in wines produced at Lanzarote's bodegas have been successful.

Plans adopted by the Government of Lanzarote saw numerous four and five star hotels on the island introducing wine tastings as part of the Enogastronomy programme, designed to unite local dishes with one of Lanzarote's many wines.

In addition, the island's bodegas have been encouraged to improve the quality of their offerings through a variety of methods. This has resulted in an increase in the number of awards being won by local wines at both national and international levels during 2010, with around one hundred prizes in total.

The overall level of sales is the second highest according the Regulatory Councils records, which were only exceeded in 2000, when more than two million bottles were purchased.

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