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Exploring Lanzarote :: Dining At El Diablo Restaurant

Tuesday February 22, 2011

Exploring Lanzarote :: Dining At El Diablo Restaurant

Independent tourists can now enjoy sunset dining at the El Diablo restaurant, located in the heart of the Timanfaya National Park. An atmospheric experience that was previously the sole preserve of holidaymakers visiting the island with the larger tour operators.

The El Diablo restaurant was designed in 1970 by the ubiquitous César Manrique and offers spectacular panoramic views of the surreal volcanic terrain at Timanfaya. Which was created by enormous eruptions that rocked the island between 1731 and 1736.

As well as demarcating the current road route through the lava fields and volcanoes Manrique also developed the restaurant which is located on the Isolate de Hilario, the former refuge of a hermit of the same name. With the help of architects Eduardo Caceres and Jesus Soto who also collaborated with Manrique on many of his other best known projects around Lanzarote.

Formerly, intrepid visitors to the volcanic region had always been treated to a glass of wine and a plate of sardines on this spot. So Manrique decided to formalise this further with the creation of the El Diablo restaurant. Utilising the immense heat present just below the earths crust here to create a giant grill. Which is still used today to prepare many of the fish and meat dishes served here. This heat provided some serious construction challenges too. As it proved impossible to simply dig foundation trenches. Instead nine layers of basalt rock had to be set down to provide a foundation for the structure.

Today the El Diablo restaurant serves traditional Canarian food in stunning surroundings and sunset is one of the best times to visit. As the fading light plays on the multi colored hues of the spent volcanoes.  So if you are planning to do any sightseeing on Lanzarote this could well be the tour for you.

Now independent tourists can book a place on the Volcan Grill Tour for the first time. At a cost of €50 per adult and €25 per child. This excursion operates every Tuesday evening from around 18.00 to 21.30 and the price includes admission, three course meal and all transportation to and from your resort.

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