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Delay to El Golfo Restoration

Monday February 28, 2011

Delay to El Golfo Restoration

The plan to restore the green lagoon at El Golfo, known as the Charco de los Clicos, is set to face further delays, as central Government has stated that work cannot begin until at least 2012. The lagoon has slowly been silting up and diminishing in size over the last few decades and urgently needs to be dragged and filtered to return it to its former state.

The reasons for the delay relate to the need for technical approval and several administrative stages to be completed before work can begin, with the result that the project is unlikely to get underway until next year at the earliest.

Whilst the initial environmental impact study completed last year concluded that the lagoon should be restored to its original 15,000 square metres to save it from disappearing altogether, further preparatory work is necessary before the work can begin. At present, the green waters cover only some 7,142 square metres, half of the original volume.

The restoration will be divided into two phases, beginning with the excavation of the land behind the water and the creation of a barrier to ensure that further debris doesnt collect in the lagoon.

Then the interior of the lake will be dragged and cleared, extending its perimeter to former dimensions. In this way it is hoped that the unique characteristics of the Charco de los Clicos can be preserved, ensuring that its unusual green colour caused by phytoplankton is maintained.

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